...but it tasted good


As a parent you always try and make healthy choices for your children. I’ve always thought that it’s important to provide wholesome meals not only for their growth and nourishment, but also to develop healthy relationships with food – particularly before the junk food and fast food industry creeps into their consciousness through advertising and peer-pressure.

I’m not a great cook, and I’ve been thrown into the deep end recently having taken on more cooking as my foodie husband has taken on more travel in his new job.

Aside from the tofu incident of 2013, I have been pretty happy with my developing skills….

Leave it to so #2 to shatter my culinary confidence. After refusing a homemade and healthy lunch, M sneaks away to enjoy his favourite snack.

His verdict: “Meow! Yum yum, Mumma.”

I guess it must’ve tasted good….

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