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  1. Billie
    Billie at | | Reply

    Three squeezes of a hand in a crowded room means * I love you* so when they can’t hear your voice they can still hear your heart. This article is perfect, Kim. Keep filling those boys to the brim with love and wonder. xxx

  2. Kate @ One Small Life
    Kate @ One Small Life at | | Reply

    Stop. Just stop making me cry, okay? How beautiful. x

  3. Kate
    Kate at | | Reply

    I must remember not to read your posts at work. They always elicit some kind of outward pouring of emotion. Sometimes laughter, but today, I wept. The truest words of a mamma who just wants her kids to be happy and healthy and above all their authentic selves. Beautiful words, Kim. Gonna hug my girls a little closer and a little longer tonight, for sure.

  4. Peachy Keen Mumma - Jess
    Peachy Keen Mumma - Jess at | | Reply

    That was so beautifully written. He must be such a sweet and affectionate child to others because of the sweet way his mother sees him. Your loves shines in these words. So beautiful. My son is 17 months and says hi to everyone he sees (there were a lot of Hi’s on the Newy Breakwall this morning.) I love seeing my son light up other people’s faces. Our boys are our joy and our pride for sure!

  5. Kirsty @ My Home Truths
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths at | | Reply

    What a gorgeous post, full of love and beautiful, unforgettable memories. So glad to have found you, another Newy blogger!

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