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I heart ... rock n roll

I heart … rock n roll

There’s a commercial that really aggravates me. It’s the one where the snarly hipster daughter is espousing the benefits of oats whilst her snarly white bread mother makes fun of her for ‘discovering The Kinks’. What a b**ch. Tell me, posh lady – would you prefer your daughter ‘discover’ One Direction or Nikki Minaji or […]

Owning my tears

Owning my tears

Warning: this post may be a bit of a downer. Bear with me. Or is it ‘bare’? Nah, that sounds like an invitation for nudity. I’ll stick with ‘bear’ (unless you’re into that kind of thing. No judgement). Husband flew out yesterday. And I think I’ve stopped crying. I didn’t anticipate being so emotional. I […]

i heart ... big adventures

i heart … big adventures

This has been the year of big change for our family. We sold our little cottage and bought (and renovated) my childhood hood home. A massive family wedding. New roles at work for husband and I (and a whole new office for me!). We’ve heralded 2014 the “Year of Biting Off More Than We Can […]

i heart ... Her

i heart … Her

I love watching movies. When I daydream about how I’d spend a day without kids and responsibilities and obligations, it always includes going to the movies. And wine. And sleeping. Husband and I rarely get to sit and watch a movie that doesn’t involve animated animals, so when we do there is a lot of […]

Slow and heavy

Slow and heavy

Monday – 3pm Left home an hour early in the hope that M might fall asleep on the preschool pick-up ride. He did, so now I’m sitting in the car on the side of the road. The car is warm, and the traffic hums as it passes. I’m trying not to fall asleep myself. M […]


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