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  1. Anya
    Anya at | | Reply

    What a great post! You DO have an eye 🙂
    And I’m super jealous of your IKEA tip – we don’t have it in NZ 🙁

  2. Lisa
    Lisa at | | Reply

    You just need practice, love the photo of the aisle and your son. I let my hubby put up all the IKEA furniture, lesson learnt many years ago xx

  3. Michelle
    Michelle at | | Reply

    Sometimes I pretend I live at Ikea. We will be moving 1 hour further away from it so I told hubby we should do an ikea trip before we move. He couldn’t see my logic. They are good shots by the way.

  4. Tracey
    Tracey at | | Reply

    I think your photos are great, lovely use of lines and perspective. I especially like the one in the self-service aisle. Ikea is always a blast, and great for the creative juices

  5. Jo from Blondie By the Sea
    Jo from Blondie By the Sea at | | Reply

    The self-service isle shot is my favourite. I love Ikea so much. I just don’t get a chance to go there often. Hmmm maybe this week. xx

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