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  1. Kate @ One Small Life
    Kate @ One Small Life at |

    I loved reading this! I really connected to your idea of not over thinking your writing and related so much to so many of your fears of being judged or being boring – I worry about this stuff all the time too.

    Thanks for taking part and sharing some of your favourite bloggers, can’t wait to read about their process too! x

  2. Annette
    Annette at |

    I love this post!! I am so glad you are a blogger.

    The Enid Blyton raised ladies are coming into their own.

    Next time you feel those blerghtown doubts, tweet me and I’ll set you straight.

    I see this scene – me, tossing flowers to you, like a diva after a concert, but I see you sitting on the edge of the stage swinging your legs back and forth. And smiling. Then we get a coffee.

  3. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Love this post Kim. Thanks for taking me on your journey.

  4. Ing @ treadkindly
    Ing @ treadkindly at |

    I really enjoyed this post and related to many aspects of it – the new found freedom of throwing self doubt to the wind through our blogs and the stilted, conflicted public servant day job ! Looking forward to checking out your baton recipents of this blog hop x

  5. Bec @ Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting

    Thanks for passing the baton! And great post – I can really relate. I did a creative writing class in university too. I saw it through to the end of semester, but had a really negative tutor who told us most of us would never be writers. She set the tone for the whole class who were very unsupportive and critical of read-throughs. It shattered my confidence and it took me another 12 years to get back into writing creatively. I look back now and think it’s really tragic that I let one class’s opinion affect me so much. But then hey, I’m here now! I should save some of this for my post though:-)

  6. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    Lovely to be invited into your fold and reading about your process. X

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