Five rad things that happened this week


Moving, packing and crazy EOFY workload has all aligned at once to create the week from Hell.

But here’s 5 rad things that have happened:

1. The floor is 95% down at the house and the kitchen is done! I can actually picture us living there soon.

2. I sent a FB message to my favourite Feminist writer, Clementine Ford – and she replied! I also attended a terrific BWP chat with blogger Carly Findlay. I even asked a question – and she answered it. I may have “Squeeee’d!” (on both occasions)

3. My new Jordan Grace Owens prints (and a sneaky Modcloth package) arrived!

4. I was invited to join my first ever “Blog Hop”. I’m only just figuring out what it is – and I’m so excited to be feeling welcomed into blogging world!

5. I’ve been given a Roving Reporter assignment with a popular local website. I get to “Kid Test” an event with T and write about it.

What a week!

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  1. Jenn
    Jenn at | | Reply

    You’re officially an in demand writer 🙂

  2. Kate @ One Small Life
    Kate @ One Small Life at | | Reply

    Wow! What a week – number 5 sounds intriguing, looking forward to hearing about that!

  3. Viv
    Viv at | | Reply

    Link us to the blog hop when it happens! 😀 I want to read it hehe.

  4. Carly Findlay
    Carly Findlay at | | Reply

    Hey thanks for the shoutout! Glad I made you squee!

    I love how your blog is a little quirky – especially the little catch phrases and the cute pics 🙂

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