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Article written by Tuesdaykim

13 Responses

  1. Candice
    Candice at | | Reply

    So perfect! I’m with you with that caring eye, pay I’m the knee, look in the eyes invitation to share. I think you’ve nailed it with the thought that it’s the fact someone genuinely wants to listen x

  2. Jenny @ ohjoh
    Jenny @ ohjoh at | | Reply

    Be kind to yourself.
    Tears are OK especially if you know/think everything is fine.
    Let’s just call them tear duct cleansers.

  3. Annette
    Annette at | | Reply

    I love this post. Not because you were crying at the GP – but because you are sharing these very human, exceedingly common things that run through all our minds. The mind may say one thing but our emotions can have a completely different perspective.
    I’m no doctor – just the word speculum makes me swoon – but I have a prescription for you – a self administered dose of kindness.
    Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling – even when it messes with your Beyoncé impression – and try and keep the travel berating down to a few streets, not the whole ride home.
    Annette x

  4. Sarah | Sarah's Heart Writes
    Sarah | Sarah's Heart Writes at | | Reply

    I had something I was going to say, then I read Annette’s comment and she pretty much already said it, so I’m just going to say {hugs}. xx

  5. Kate
    Kate at | | Reply

    ” I’m an adult . I’m a strong, independent woman. “…… any human too. Wonderfully human. 🙂

  6. helenbeee
    helenbeee at | | Reply

    At a base level humans live in a world of balance. To achieve balance we need to variables we cant achieve balance without it we cant be 100 percent happy all the time thats imbalance just the same as 100 percent unhappy.
    Tears have a purpose they allow us to release perhaps they are afterall your body coping with the anxiety that is created before the visits and her voice her smile her eye contact the trigger.
    I wouldnt worry about it crying is good for you it never hurts to have a good cry every now and then. It gives happiness meaning.

  7. Kate @ One Small Life
    Kate @ One Small Life at | | Reply

    Love this open honest post. So great. Don’t beat yourself up. You are dealing with three incredibly stressful things – lack of sleep, renovations & moving house. You probably just needed a release, a space in which to say ‘Hey, I’m strong, I’m tough, I’m independent, I can so this. But seriously? This shit is HARD.’

    Don’t over think it. In my experience lack of sleep turns us all into nutjobs.


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