June 2014

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Five rad things that happened this week

Five rad things that happened this week

Moving, packing and crazy EOFY workload has all aligned at once to create the week from Hell. But here’s 5 rad things that have happened: 1. The floor is 95% down at the house and the kitchen is done! I can actually picture us living there soon. 2. I sent a FB message to my […]

Emotion sickness

Emotion sickness

I went to the GP today. Nothing serious, just a referral for a blood test as I suspect my pesky thyroid is rearing it’s ugly head again. Between the the blood pressure check and that weird little light thing she stuck in my ear… I cried. Not snotty, sobbing, hiccuping crying, but there was definitely […]

i heart ... laughter

i heart … laughter

Was it a long weekend in your neck of the woods? We were spoiled with an extra day (Happy non-birthday Queen Elizabeth!), which allowed Husband and I to steal a night. A few hours away from children and away from renovations. Not “Mum” and “Dad”, but “Husband” and “Wife”. It was Husband’s turn to organize […]


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