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  1. Annette
    Annette at | | Reply

    What a fun place. Great piece, you didn’t get lost in boring information or ‘the wetlands centre was opened in 2006 by the mayor’. Yawn!!
    Love the photos and the way you described the kids’ reactions to the environment.

  2. Anna Ryan
    Anna Ryan at | | Reply

    Hi TuesdayKim,

    This is such a wonderful piece about the Hunter Wetlands and I’m so glad you had great day with your little ones. It’s so often the case where parents who have been here as a child on a school excursion come back years later – we have had our doors open for almost 30 years now so we are ‘recycling’ and ‘upcycling’ our visitors! We look forward to your return sometime soon.

    Kind regards,
    Anna Ryan
    Ecotourism Manager, Hunter Wetlands Centre

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