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  1. thatsummerfeeling1
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    I have a gorgeous red haired niece and an adorable red haired nephew. I’m constantly amazed at the comments some people feel entitled to make to my sister. The one that really angered me was the woman who said ‘ oh that poor child. Imagine growing up with that hair’ My sis and her husband are both red heads and know what its like to be teased and so are a bit wary of well meaning strangers comments. Your little guys are just gorgeous by the way.

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at |

      It’s hard: on one hand I know people are well-intentioned, and that in the grand scheme of things it is only hair. But at 4 years old (and with primary school looming), I know he’ll soon become hyper-aware of it.
      T actually gets: “Oh imagine how lovely that hair would be on a girl!”.
      Still, it is as part of them as their cheeky grins, infectious giggles and fascination with bodily sound effects.
      Thanks for reading my post: perhaps one day my boys and your niece and nephew will be able to live free in the sun without fear of ginger-persecution. But not *in* the sun. ‘Cos they’ll get sunburn… 😉

  2. Julie
    Julie at |

    Good piece of writing! I have a few strawberries so I hear what your saying kids are beautiful whatever hair colour they are.

    1. Tuesdaykim
      Tuesdaykim at |

      Absolutely! We love strawbs, ginges and kids of all colours!

  3. Priscilla
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    this was a great post! We have two redheads as well – we also have three blondes and a brunette!

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at |

      Wow- the full colour spectrum! And did your redheads get lots of attention about their hair colour?

      1. pinknits
        pinknits at |

        They did and still do – more positive than negative though however it never ceases to amaze me the things people think it is ok to say…

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