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  1. Kitty from Polka Dots and Frocks
    Kitty from Polka Dots and Frocks at | | Reply

    I LOVE direct to camera dialogue too – so good! Thanks for participating! Great post, Kimmy x

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      A pleasure doing business with you – as always!

  2. rachaelwillis
    rachaelwillis at | | Reply

    Bueller. Bueller. Bueller. I think this is one of those first movies for me that invaded my personal vernacular and remains today. Great trip down memory lane, indeed an amazing find.

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      It’s SO quotable, isn’t it! “Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero”….
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Are We There Yet?
    Are We There Yet? at | | Reply

    Oh – another amazing find! Loved it!

  4. Jeanette
    Jeanette at | | Reply

    I was in high school from ’80-’84 and I LOVE John Hughes! He was able to capture the feel and sound of the ’80’s perfectly. I loved his use of music!

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      And I read that he refused to issue a soundtrack for this film because he didn’t feel the music was cohesive, or something. He had such an ear for music and for teenagers, that’s for sure.

  5. Miss Adelaide
    Miss Adelaide at | | Reply

    I loved that movie! I must have seen it forty times when I was a teenager. Must dig it out again. It’s right up there with Sixteen Candles and St Elmo’s Fire.

  6. jenjo22
    jenjo22 at | | Reply

    thanks for taking me down memory lane

  7. flickmacqueen23
    flickmacqueen23 at | | Reply

    From the legendary Ferris Bueller to Inspector Gadget….what ever happened to Matthew Broderick???

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      Aaah, yes “Inspector Gadget” … the forgotten years. Returned with a triumph in “Election” though (definitely in my top 20 films of all time). Have you seen it? Some reviewers have even suggested that his character in “Election” is what Ferris Bueller as an adult would have been like (and let’s just say Ferris should’ve had a few less days off!)

  8. Toni
    Toni at | | Reply

    I was watching tv the other night and an ad for Ferris came on and I immediately thought of you how funny is that and as much as I love Ferris my ultimate 80’s movie has to be The Breakfast Club.

    1. Tuesdaykim
      Tuesdaykim at | | Reply

      I adore the Breakfast Club. Adore!

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