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  1. Karen
    Karen at | | Reply

    I love your inspirations and had forgotten Tavi Gevinson (how did that happen?) and have been watching her Melbourne Writers Festival address on fangirling for the past hour. Great post.

  2. missandmisters
    missandmisters at | | Reply

    Cheese and wine, snap! And I feel you on the whole blog not matching everything I’ve learnt thing. But I sure learnt a lot! X

  3. sconnieandjam
    sconnieandjam at | | Reply

    Look forward to Summer School with you 🙂

  4. Lila
    Lila at | | Reply

    So nice reading this and getting a little insight into you! The good thing about blogs is you can change and grow them as you grow, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t quite how you want yet the potential is there.

  5. rachaelwillis
    rachaelwillis at | | Reply

    I’ve signed up for the extension as well. I did manage to download all the PDFs, but I think it will be good to just have a little longer for things to marinate 🙂 Looks like there’s at least 3 or 4 Blog with Pippers (or Bloggers with Pip?) in Newy, someone should organise a meetup. Hmmm… maybe … someone could start a Newy chapter of ABCD Social.

  6. Sam
    Sam at | | Reply

    Hi Kim!
    Another local girl! 🙂 I too LOVE cheese and wine (It has become our lazy dinner lately…because we aren’t organised)! I end up at Woolies almost everyday too and I need to learn to run (I totally get where you’re coming from!). I’d love to crochet a blanket this year but as a complete beginner it will be quite the challenge!
    It was nice to get to know a bit more about you 🙂

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