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  1. genderneutrallanguage
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    Have you actually look for non-pink girls shows? Aren’t you coming at this from both confirmation bias and privilege? You have boys, and boys want to watch and emulate other boys. Is the fact that you have boys that prefer to watch boys on TV having a large impact on what TV shows your boys watch?

    1. ihearttuesdays
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      Hi The Poisoned Well, thanks for reading my post – my blog is still very new so it’s nice to receive feedback!
      You definitely raise some interesting points. I am certain that if I looked beyond ABC4Kids (which is the only free-to-air public broadcast channel just for children in Australia and is extremely popular) I could find more diverse programming. My sons enjoy programs like Dora the Explorer on pay (cable) television, and she’s terrific! A quick glance at the ABC4Kids schedule will show how few “female led” programs are shown.
      I wasn’t very clear in my post, but I was having these initial frustrations when my first son was very very young (under 1) and in not any care outside of family (so therefore not influenced directly by other children). Now that he has his own circle of friends outside of family I can definitely see the influence they have! He recently asked for (and received) a Spider-Man for his birthday despite having never actually seen or read anything SM related!
      I guess my very badly made point was how quickly I overlooked something that as a women I was very hyper aware of.
      Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond. I really appreciate it.

  2. diahannreyes
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    Very cool story about how your young sons’ media (and other) options opened your awareness. You are right- the world needs more feminist boys/men!

    1. ihearttuesdays
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      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love Peppa, and we’re also a bit partial to ‘Charlie and Lola’ at the moment. I was so shocked how easily I was able to ‘not see’ inequalities that I am usually hypersensitive about. It definitely hardened my reserve to instil these values in my sons.

  3. Helen
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    Hey ihearttuesdays, I think your point was perfectly well made, and I definitely see an exciting future for all of us when there are parents such as yourselves encouraging their children, boys and girls, to look beyond what popular culture offers them as a stereotype.
    I’d love to hear more about this on your blog, too!

  4. Lila
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    I do love Peppa for a lot of the subtle undertones it has very encouraging direction. We try to keep things fairly gender neutral my girls have always had cars and “boys” toys and my son has had “girls” toys. It’s much harder when they get to school though there is immense pressure to adhere to gender guidelines. Hopefully eventually things will improve more parents are becoming more informed so there’s hope.

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