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  1. Stephen Parry
    Stephen Parry at | | Reply

    you are a very talented young woman Mrs upton

    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      Awww thanks Uncle Steve!

  2. Helen
    Helen at | | Reply

    Loved this so much! Present me is 28 and bites her fingernails, too.

    You’re inspiring, and I look forward to reading more of your words in 2014.
    (popped over for a cup of tea with me and thought I’d have a look around).


    1. ihearttuesdays
      ihearttuesdays at | | Reply

      Hi Helen! Thanks for the pop-in (and sorry it’s taken so long to reply- I’m finding WordPress on the iPad tricky, but on my laptop it’s impossible) …. How do you take your tea? Next time I’ll have some biscuits at the ready for you!

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